Welcome to Ottawa's newest multidisciplinary sports injuries and rehab clinic. With over 20 years of experience in the field of sports medicine, founder Tony Carbonette brings Ottawa a new and exciting vision.

Athletic Therapy

Ottawa’s Premiere Sports Therapy Clinic

“Whether you’re competing at the Olympics, training for a local race or simply staying fit for life, our team has the skill and know-how to get you ready to go.”

– Capital Athletic Therapy And Rehab

Athletic Therapy Ottawa

Are you an elite athlete? A weekend warrior? Have an active lifestyle? If so, then athletic therapy is for you.

If you are suffering from an acute injury or long term chronic symptoms, athletic therapists at CapitalATR are specifically trained to use a variety of proactive techniques to assess and rehabilitate you back to functionality. Our goal at CapitalATR is to get you back to the active lifestyle you want promptly and safely.

Having surgery?

The athletic therapists at CapitalATR are the premier specialists in pre surgery strengthening and post surgery rehab and conditioning. One on one, our athletic therapists will treat you with the latest up to date techniques and create a specialized program to optimize your recovery from your surgery to help guide you back to your healthy pre-surgery lifestyle.

Don’t hesitate to book an assessment with one of our therapists now and experience the difference.