Welcome to Ottawa's newest multidisciplinary sports injuries and rehab clinic. With over 20 years of experience in the field of sports medicine, founder Tony Carbonette brings Ottawa a new and exciting vision.

Functional Training

Ottawa’s Premiere Sports Therapy Clinic

“The athletic therapists at the OHPC are among the best who have treated me, both on an individual basis and as part of the National Rugby Team. I recommend the OHPC to anyone in need of a quality athletic therapist.”

– Al Charron, Former Canadian National Rugby Team Member and Captain

Functional Training Ottawa

Functional training focuses on making subtle changes relevant to human movement for better daily and athletic activities.This creates a more durable body that has improved capability of responding to its environment and preventing injury.

It begins with a corrective process that starts by assessing posture,movement and muscular imbalances, creating a stable base for function. Ideally posture is not just standing or sitting,but activity and optimizing your performance.

When the body is in an ideal state we introduce increasingly challenging exercises that test and strengthen the new durable, healthy foundation.

By addressing postural issues and imbalances, your body then can be more adaptable and resilient to daily stressors,and giving you the best ability to live strong and confidently.

Why Do You Need a Functional Trainer?

  • I am living with chronic pain
  • I don’t know what exercises to do
  • I am looking to change my lifestyle
  • I want to get stronger
  • I am recovering from an injury
  • I want to increase my performance
    • I want to improve my athletic performance
    • Acceleration
    • Power
    • Endurance
    • Strength

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